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Outpatient PT

At Focus on Physical Therapy, we seek to coordinate and utilize both knowledge and skill as they relate to individuals with impaired ability to function due to disease or injury. Physical therapy procedures maintain, improve, or even restart neuromuscular/skeletal functions in every patient, regardless of age.

Physical therapy encompasses two main areas of emphasis:

  • Evaluation and testing of muscles, nerves, joints, and functional abilities, including balance, transfers, and ambulation. Rehabilitation goals are accomplished through daily treatment programs, done either at home or in the clinic.
  • Various treatment procedures include therapeutic exercises, functional training, gait training, prosthetic and orthotic training, therapeutic modalities, and manual therapy.

Our physical therapists instruct patients in a variety of exercise programs aimed at improving or regaining lost range of motion, strength, and coordination. In addition, our therapists educate every patient in proper body mechanics for their home, work place, or sport. Patient education is the most important element of our physical therapy services, and we highly emphasize it in all our treatment programs.